Experience the Thrill of Wine Making

Welcome to Wine Making the simple and easy way. You can produce top quality wines in just six to eight weeks with little cost and effort by following our simple step-by-step instructions. We will guide you through the process of 'On premise Do-It-Yourself Wine Making', even if this is your first attempt. If you have experienced the thrill of making your own wine before, you will find the process varies little from the standard wine making procedures. If you are new to the hobby we will guide you through each step of producing your personal top quality wines so that you can enjoy not only the experience but the fruits of your labor.

    There are many important steps in making your wine but most important is SANITATION! Everything that touches your wine (all equipment) must be sanitized with a recognized sanitation solution. Just as important is thoroughly rinsing off all the equipment after the sanitation procedure. Please follow our instructions, or the maker of the wine kit you have chosen, and take steps to ensure your wines integrity and safety.  You can become as involved as you choose in the making of your wine from the beginning steps to the finish when you proudly take home your 27-30 bottles of wine. You will start out with a food-grade plastic container and cover for your Fermentation Process. After everything is mixed, with our help, you must add the yeast to the batch of wine you have chosen. Once you have added the yeast you cap the bucket with an airtight lid and an airlock half filled with water. Over the next several days (roughly 10-15) you will see the water bubbling, indicating the gas is escaping as the yeast is eating away the sugar from the grape juice. After beginning the fermentation process you can go home.

     You may leave your wine in our care until it is ready to be bottled. Or, we will give you a schedule of the days you would need to return to our store to progress to the next step. If you do not return, as scheduled, we will take the next step for you so your wine will not ruin. Your wine must reach a Specific Gravity  (1.010) in order to proceed to the next step of making your wine. This is called Racking. A carboy (6 gallon glass or plastic bottle) will be sanitized along with the pumping equipment. Make sure that everything is rinsed thoroughly before you begin. You, very gently, siphon from the bucket into the carboy making sure that you do not disturb the sediment on the bottom of the bucket. We will instruct you on adding the necessary items and mixing them. Seal off the top of the carboy with an airlock and "bung". The wine needs to be stirred vigorously twice a day for the next four days to remove the carbon dioxide. The wine will then sit for the next several days to allow the wine to clear.

    Now your wine is ready to be bottled. We will schedule you an appointment to come in for your bottling. You may purchase bottles from us or (if you are an experienced hobbyest) you may bring in the bottles you have saved from previous batches.  After you sanitize and rinse each bottle you will pump wine into your bottle, cork, label, and shrink wrap your wine. Don't worry, we have all the equipment necessary in our store. Congratulations! You now have 27-30 bottles of top quality wine that you can be proud to give as gifts or serve at any event.

     For future wine making be sure to not use soap on the bottles you bring back for bottling. Soap will leave a residue that can not be removed. It also will affect the taste of your wine.

We look forward to serving you at The Gilded Grape Winery...Experience the thrill!

Credit R J Spagnols, makers of our wines